ABC Cancels All My Children…

Time 100 2006 gala, Jennifer Lopez.

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That’s right, people! Every gossip mogul under the sun is sending out the 411 on this latest news from Thrusday’s announcement by ABC Network. Seems all diehard soap opera fans are crying foul upon learning that All My Children and One Life To Live is at the end of their days. Erica won’t be having anymore marriage partners after September and Jack can stop looking like he just stepped from a wrinkle free wash:) Ohh, boo-hoo, people, life goes on and don’t go sending me hate mail, ya’ll. My mom was the biggest soap opera fan on the planet Earth and I followed suit, until Reality TV got the best of me…

Anyhow, One Life To Live will end its 43 year Soap Opera January. My hope is that we can all just keep our chin up. It was bound to come to this. Who can forget the devastation from losing Guiding Light? My all time fav!

People Magazine names Jennifer Lopez as the most beautiful woman in the world? Who knew?

Charlie Sheen ready to apologize to CBS producers so he can return to work at his Two and A Half Men? That will be a yes! Question is. Do they want you back, Charlie?

2 more pregnant celebs? Tori Spelling & Kate Hudson

Sugar Ray got the boot on DWTS. Surprised? Not Really.

In my last post, I told ya’ll about a fan emailing me for assist in making her dreams a reality? Well, fan made a few assumptions that I wasn’t too pleased about…My message to fan? I will help as much as I can and never assume anything in this life. Just the facts, maam… Now gossip? It’s always ‘allegedly” when still getting the facts:) 





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