Chicagoans On April Snow, Crushed Tulips And Lilacs

April Snow & The Lilacs

Image by Jeffery™ via Flickr

Okay, so many Chicagoans are calling foul! Most , myself included, have had just about of this snow crap! April showers are not bringing about May flowers in our neck of the woods people, instead, April snow is crushing our Tulips! Now, that I’ve gotten that rant out, here’s more round the way Chicago News and Views:

Rham Emanuel has elected Jean Claude Brizard as CEO of our Chicago Public School systems. Mr. Brizaed is a former New Yorker… All total, the mayor elect , selected 7 new members to Chicago’s school board, including the rapper Common’s mom!

One woman who moved to Chicago from New York just a month ago, is , according to news reports, reconsidering moving back to New York because of Chicago snow & cold weather.

One of Kate Middleton‘s designers has opened a first L. K. Bennett Store in Chicago.

Maggie Daley, the mayoral 1st lady has been hospitalized since Saturday. Her doctors are denying that Mrs. Daley’s hospital stay has anything to do with her cancer.

The President & wife, Michele taping episode of Oprah Winfrey to coincide with Mr. Obama run for 2nd term in the White House…speaking of? Donald Trump a front runner for Republican Party as a candidate lagged in recent polls of public opinion at 34% to that of President Obama @ 49%. The question many g-moguls are asking?  What exactly is The Donald’s platform? His wallet?


Let’s not forget people who have lost their lives in the wake of deadly tornadoes across 6 states!


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