Love Letters From Jacqueline Kennedy

Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis i...

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So, big corporations like Apple are actually seeing a huge profit in this down economy! The reason according to experts is because they have less expenses and because of the IPhone skyrocketing sales!…hmmmm, does this mean that these big time corporations are willing to pay it forward and help the working class folks out here by creating more jobs? What say you, Apple, and others, will you take a page from Mcdonald’s intent to hire 50 thousand jobless?

Now, the real reason ya’ll are reading this post; Jacqueline Kennedy teenage love letters! According to reports, Jackie “O” wasn’t such a good girl after all. Seems her love lettere were a bit wicked, with a biting sense of humor. Before she was Jackie Kennedy, she was just a girl who experienced a first love, like most of us.

More insights from a young teenager named Jacqueline Bouvier:

1. She called Boarding School a ” prison.”

2. Dated a boyfriend from Harvard.

3. Wrote in a letter to the same boyfriend that she could love him without kissing him.

4.Decided to tell him that she didn’t actually love him after all!

5. Vowed never to send her children to Boarding School…

But, of course, after marrying John F. Kennedy and becoming the first lady, Jackie did send both Carolyn & Jonh Jr. to Boarding School!


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