Latoya Jackson Fired From Celebrity Apprentice

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Losing yet another challenge to the men team, this time the women collectively thought that Latoya Jackson would be the weakest link going foward in the competition! Star Jones as usual led the attack against Latoya, saying that she did very little work prior & that Latoya should be fired. So, naturally, Star played her trump card: NeNe Leakes, who came in the boardroom to announce that overall, Latoya was indeed the weaker player!

The kicker? Latoya & NeNe had become friends again just one day before NeNe helped sink  Latoya… NeNe was set up to help Star Jones win her case against Latoya. Anyhow G-moguls, don’t go thinking NeNe isn’t taking note of how Star play the game. Next week viewers get to see NeNe put Star on blast, telling the former attorney to bring her “Street” game as opposed to her “A” game…I’m scared!

Latoya calls Star Jones a manipulative and evil person.

Did you hear?

Mariah Carey  will play a role in Simon Cowell‘s X-Factor, thereby knocking former Idol judge, Paula Abdul to the curb?

That Lamar Odom eats chocolate in bed, leaving ugly dark stains on their Kardashian sheets?

That Max and Cheryl of DWTS have dated off and on for the last 2 years?

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey called a truce in their custody battle over baby Nala?

Charlie Sheen got police escort from Washington D.C. Airport?

Necole Bitchie didn’t respond to my email invite? Keping it on the real people:)





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