Donald Trump Gets “Trumped!”

Cover of "Royal Wedding"

Cover of Royal Wedding

Yes, that’s a correct title, people! The Donald has played his trump card and gotten trumped! And by none other than The President Of  The United States Of AmericaBarack Obama! Trump went on record telling people how he didn’t believe the authenticity of the president’s ‘birther’ records. He even appeared on several television talk shows, babbling the nonsense, until people got fed up with his attempt to hoodwink America into believing such dribble. People began to ask for “proof” positive of Donald Trump‘s claims-but to no avail…

Finally, Obama said, “Enough of this silliness!” Such distractions weren’t healthy for the country as there are more important issues to contend with, other than a self-absorbed rich tycoon who needed a bigger diversion AND a WORLD of like minded people to worship his presence! Anyho, Donald Trump seemingly has been trumped and now he’s taking credit for the President’s decision to end this madness by divulging his long term birth records to the public!

Methinks someone should kindly inform Donald Trump that being a giant in business by weaving creative “tales” might work in Corporate America, but, fails miserably in Politics. In other words? Don’t leave your day job Mr. Trump and keep the Politics to the Politicians!

Over in London, rehearsals are going on for the big bang up wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Reportedly, the American Media far outweigh those of the London Media. Diehard Princess Diana followers are already camped out in tent city/ vicinity where  the Royal Wedding is to take place. It’s also reported that William will honor his late mother’s memory by reading a tribute to her. That reads, in part:

“My dear mother is here in spirit and will be so proud of Katherine today.” It’s said that William and his mother were so very close, she thought of him as a confidant.

And after the wedding? All of the old folks will be ushered out of the palace, to allow for a young people reception/party! hosted by best man and younger brother, Prince Harry.



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