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Sadly over 280 lives have been lost from the aftermath of tornadoes hitting southern states,including Mississippi! My birth state. My prayers are with these families. In Chicago, Maggie Daley has been readmitted to Northwestern Hospital suffering from “flu”like symptoms. With about 2 weeks left as Mayor of Chicago, Mayor Daley has a lot of support for the wellbeing of his wife in her battle to combat cancer…

On Monday, President & Mrs. Obama will be guests of Oprah Winfrey where Barack  Obama will address those “birther” issues brought to the forefront by Celebrity Apprentice’s Donald Trump and put a hole in by the president as Trump alluded to the president’s authentic birth record. Trumps foolery has been food for fodder by many late night comics as they poked fun at “the donald”…

Aretha Franklin was guest on The View today and she didn’t reveal the nature of her surgery, but confirmed that her dramatic weight loss was due to her having surgery and no, it wasn’t gastric bypass surgery people! Aretha sang 2 songs on the show. One new song, How Long I Been Waiting and an oldie, still goodie, RESPECT!!

Wendy Williams had the MOB WIVES on today and let me tell ya’ll, it’s going to take an entire post for me to tell you about this show! After only 2 episodes, these women & their relationships with “alleged” members of the mob is to die for,err… a must see:)

Anyho, tomorrow is the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton…Just did a whole big post over at my column, so I won’t elaborate here. What I will say is this: Will only be interested to see the dress and hear the tribute William will read to his late mom, Princess Diana…



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