The Vampire Diaries:”I Never Wanted To Be A Vampire, Stefan!”

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Okay, ya’ll, so I’ve been cheating a bit! What with everyone so enthralled with the Royal wedding and such these last days, I’ve been watching my all time fav vampire series:)  So, last night on the eve of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate  Middleton, I tuned in to The Vampire Diaries and geez, it was filled with numerous twists & turns. Let’s recap a bit here: We who are diehard fans, know that the two originals are on the scene. Two brothers they are as well, only, there’s a bit of a difference here. Elijah isn’t as powerful as we were led to believe. Why? Because his brother, Claus is a hybrid; as in having both vampire & werewolf DNA.

Claus is on the mission to  sacrifice a vampire and a werewolf to make, hmmm, what exactly? Well, he has a vampire and a werewolf, thanks to Tyler returning home to Mystic Falls. Caroline goes for a hospital visit with Tyler’s mom , the lure for Tyler’s return and they both get kidnapped… Meanwhile, Damon, makes a big goof when he forces Elena to drink of his vamp blood in hopes of saving her after the sacrifice. That didn’t set well with Stefan , who was was furious. He takes  Elena away to get her feeling about it all…

She’s only 17 after all. (hiccup) She wants children and a family; she wants to grow old (ha!)  “I don’t want to be a vampire, Stefan… I never wanted to be one!” Well ouch! Fast forward to Damon rescusing the captives with the help of Matt who found out previously that Caroline was a vamptress and who doesn’t seem too surprised that Tyler is turning into a werewolf before his very eyes. Elena goes willingly with Klaus, expecting their plan to destroy him as per his brother, Elijah. Only, Damon goes to see Klaus, who informs him of a backup plan.

Damon awakes with the conniving Katherine tending to him. Damon voices surprise that he wasn’t the sacrificial vampire now…Katherine points to his arm. Okay g-moguls, yes, I saw this one coming. Damon is damaged goods cause Tyler, the werewolf bit him! Now whose going to save Elena? And what’s to become of the newly transitioning vampire family member (Jenna) Klaus chose instead? Will there be a whole bunch of vamps & werevolves running amuck? Somebody please save them!!! My money is on that little witch gurl 🙂  just sayin’.  Okay, back to the talk of today and perhaps the entire week- The Royal Wedding!!



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