La Toya Jackson Back On Celebrity Apprentice!

La Toya Jackson (album)

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What with NeNe going off on Star Jones, calling her a “backstabber” and questioning her “reputation”? This g-mogul had the 411 as Donald Trump asks NeNe Leakes to explain what she meant by Star’s reputation. NeNe responded that everybody she talks to doesn’t like Star Jones. Star was a bit hurt from NeNe’s cruelty which was well, “cruel.”

But, that’s not the breaking news, people. Latoya Jackson has returned to Celebrity Apprentice to work alongside the men’s team! Yes, Latoya apparently appealed to Donald Trump & the deal is done. She was asked in the Boardroom  how she felt about Star. It’s no secret to those  of us in the thick of it  that Latoya feels Star is manipulative and  has said as much. Of course, Star calls it business…after all, Star kept her cool exterior in the face of these women hurling hurtful assaults at her…Hmmm, it’s a dignity thing according to Ms. Jones. My take? Never let ’em see you sweat:)

Breaking News: Osama Bin Laden has been killed! The president addresses the Nation & reveals that the USA has possession of the body of the most hated terrorist in the world & who was responsible for 911. The global war on terrorism started with the attacks of Osama Bin Laden. Maybe the wheels of justice is turning after so much death and destruction.

A Moment Of (Thankful) Silence…



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