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Kim Kardashian at the Seventh Annual Hollywood...

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Oprah Winfrey inducted into The Broadcasting Association’s Hall Of Fame on tuesday night in downtown Chicago.

Lindsay Lohan‘s Community Service consists of giving acting lessons at an Los Angeles women’s center.

Fergie‘s daughters caught the raft of internet critics & the late night show hosts for wearing such hideous hats at the wedding of their cousin, Prince William.

Osama Bin Laden‘s wife was shot in the leg after lunging at Navy Seals and Osama used one of the women as a human shield.

Wendy Williams in your face dislike for Reality Show, Khloe & Lamar on the same day Kim Kardashian visited the “How You Doin?” diva! Wendy is so baaad:) FYI: This g-mogul sorta like the show. Can’t stand the laziness of the friend, or slobbery of hubby chocolate binges, but, I watch and so do you Wendy! So fess up… the show is a disaster you can, NOT watch. Kind of like Kim & Kourtney Take New York 🙂

Bruce Williams & Demi Moore‘s youngest daughter, Tululah got herself arrested for alcohol possession…Demi went down to bail the kid out!

Joe Jackson capitalizing on Michael Jackson’s name by shopping fragrance in France. Reportedly, there’s already Jackson Vodka, Champagne and Ice Cream Bars.

Finally, The Donald got egg on his face when he attended the The White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner. President Obama slammed Trump amid laughter from the crowds at Donald’s expense…

Chicago ranks as the 7th best city for business!



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