Tom Cruise; News, Views, And Gossip…

Tom Cruise at the 61st Academy Awards 1989

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TNT will be bringing back all new episodes of my all time favs, Nurse HawthoRNe and Memphis Beat in June!!. Question: Who among you wants to know anything about Tom Cruise these days? Okay, he ‘s taking singing lessons. Groing his hair long and will be starring in “Rock of Ages” -exciting, huh?

Did you love or hate the episode of Vampire Diaries on Thrusday night? I’m not too thrilled and because you asked, I’ll tell you why…Matt disses Caroline. Tyler bites Damon and Jenna dies! The worst thing? Elijah doesn’t kill Klaus…And the witch’s power is weak.  Bonnie needs a meatier role people! What happened to all of that sistah witch power she absorbed? just sayin’

I’ve figured this Vampire stuff out though: When Klaus returns, Damon will have become a hybrid and will ultimately defeat Klaus:)  And so is it true that cast members Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobreu are hooking up like for real?

Happy Birthday to George Clooney on turning the big  ” 5O”.

Congratulations to Paul McCartney for getting engaged to his girlfriend of nearly 4 years! Maybe this times the charm sir paul…

Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood is on the May cover of Ambassador Magazine! Bout time gurl, ya been in the business a long time! just sayin’

Alicia Keys graces the May cover of Essence Magazine- soon you’ll be reading about yours truly gracing the cover of Mature Woman Magazine! I can dream ya’ll… Alright, just do me a favor:



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