Breaking News…Kardashian Brother Hooks Up With Sister’s Best Friend!

Shirelles tonight's the night

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There’s a reason fellow g-moguls visit clara54’s “T’ Blog; Because of my johnny-on-the spot “t” radar!  So here’s the 411 happenings on tonight’s episode of Khloe & Lamar 🙂 Seems all along Khloe’s best bud and newly “former” assistant, Malika and Khloe’s little brother, Rob, finally got their smush on after all of the feely-touchy- ! want your sex play! Yep, the gurl had her hooks all set to claw into a fine specimen of a basketballer brother, but, dude picked up on the vibe between the two em’ with the quickness & swiftly dumped Malika.

Well, it’s no secret now people, the two lovebirds finally sealed their love jones for each other and bedded down in Rob’s room where Khole & husband Lamar found them asleep…How Malika could give up a fine dude for a , well, Roooob…just sayin’. Okay, now that’s not all that caught my attention on this Mother’s Day/Eve. Lamar and Khloe launched their new fragrance “Unbreakable”  and not without a bit of drama. See, Lamar took his time with the smell/sniff procedure and was waiting for the right aromatic nusiance to pass his smell test. Khole, slightly frustrated, told her husband to “articulate” better what he was looking for… WOW! Telling a brother to use proper words to express himself, is like telling me I look like Halle Berry…NOooo. In other words, those are fighting words, y’a ll. But, the newlyweds made up and all’s right with the photos, promotions and publicity following another means of making the benjamins.

Did You Know?  

The Vampire Diaries & Supernatural finales airs this week.

Nurse HawthoRNe and Memphis Beat returns with all new shows in June!!!!

When a choreographer tells her dancers to look into The Zone, she’s telling them to look directly into the lens of the camera…Who knew?

Ice T, the former rapper & present day actor, will premiere his new Reality Show in June. Name of the show? Ice Loves Coco.

Question: 1.

 Will U be purchasing  Lamar and Khloe’s unisex cologne? 

Question: 2.

Do U think Malika & Rob will maintain a relationship? 


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