Latoya Fired…Again! Star Jones Gets The Ax, And NeNe Quits Celebrity Apprentice!

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Well, I need a drink of somethin’! After less than 2 weeks back on The Celebrity Apprentice, Latoya Jackson is fired-again! This is just the icing on the proverbial cake people, cause not only was Latoya fired, but, hold on to your wig/weaves & locs, cause Star Jones was sent packing as well!!!! Holy Moly Bat Man! The trained attorney who was all about the business was fired right along with Latoya Jackson AND guess ya’ll heard? NeNe Leakes just up and QUIT!?!

Yep, NeNe just didn’t return any of her team’s cellphone calls attempting to find out why she had gone missing in action from their project. Well, I was a wee bit curious watching the show (bits & pieces) cause Mob Wives  & Khloe and Lamar had all of my g-mogul attention on Sunday night after a lovely Mom’s Day ( I know ya didn’t ask, just sayin’ dang, no respect) anyhow, knew something wasn’t quite right when Ms. Leakes didn’t answer her teammates frantic call. Boy, imagine my hunch being solidified by this morning’s Wendy Williams confirmation that NENE quit the show and Donald called her a “quitter” & a “loser” and that yes, Star Jones basically kicked NeNe’s butt…”NeNe’s got a big ole butt, oh, yea.”

Oh, don’t go getting your drawers in a bunch, people, Hanging with me, you’ll get a bit of humor mixed in with the real deal on the reality of everything “T”… By the way, Donald Trump seems to have lost a bit of steam himself among his set to be staunch Republican presidential followers, after that um, “birther” debacle. Darn the facts:( Stop it!

Listen up ok?

Paula Abdul is definitely the 4th judge on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor

Bristol Palin got an under the knife makeover. As in, now you see it & now you don’t. Wendy Williams showed the before and after shots of Bristol. Pss, Ms. Wendy thinks the 20 year old had liposuction under her chin and on her body. What ya’ll think?

NBC ‘s Today Show and fans of Meredith Vieira’s, will be saying good-bye to her in June. Opting to spend more time with her husband who has MS. Reportedly, Ann Curry will be taking Meredith’s vacated chair.

Chaz Bono, Cher’s former daughter is now a man. He’s promoting his book, TRANSITION, The story of how I became a man and talking about Cher’s reaction to his gender change. Also his film Becoming Chaz will kick off Oprah’s Documentary Club for OWN, sorta like her Book Club Series did for The Oprah Winfrey Show. Anyho, Rosie O’Donnell will host the film. As rumor has it, Oprah’s new OWN will need lots of O’Donnells (star power) attention from viewers & fans alike, to keep the network from tanking.

Okay, that’s a wrap people! I’m reading a fantastic book for review  from a  local Chicago Author. I hope to tell you guys about in a future post…



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