Ashton Kutcher Replacing Charlie Sheen On Two And A Half Men!

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According to 2 sources at The Hollywood Reporter, that is a fact people! Anyho, what really seemed to spur this attention to Ashton is the fact that on his tweeter page, he tweeted as much. Folks took his tweet to mean that he will take over Charlie Sheen’s role in Two And A Half Men…the tweet is said to go like this: What’s the square root of 6.25? Ans, 2 & 1/2. Well, whatever! It ‘s a sad day when  a good like this one with Charlie Sheen in the mix, has to settle for a younger and perhaps, just as funny dude in the title role. Why didn’t CBS accept Charlie’s attempt at an apology? It’s obvious that Charlie Sheen wants his old job back.

Although Ashton supposedly won’t be making as much money with his new gig as Charlie did, he could bring in a younger viewer dynamic. Charlie is a 45 year old player and Ashton is 35 and married to Demi Moore-seems about equal to me! Charlie has said in the past that anyone attemting to take his place on the show will be “lame”. As a world waits with bated breath, I suppose Charlie is somewhere asking “what the hell!?!

From Chicago:

NBC is remembering one of their own as he died while on assignment in Atlanta. Derek Hawks, a sports anchor at NBC, former marine and married dad of 3, was only 38 years old. His death unexplained as of this post. Not a big sports fan myself, but, when I wanted fodder about the games for ya’ll, Derek Hicks was a great resource to tune in to catch the latest on sports news.My condolences to his family!

Oprah Winfrey has about 9 days left before she bids good-bye to her show at Harpo Studios in Chicago. Mayor Daley’s last day is today(friday the 13th) and he will be stepping down and handing the keys to the city over to Rham Emanuel. Two iconic Chicago figures will be making transitions that will affect some folks here. Oprah will be moving to California and Daley, leaving the political scene. As a farewell to Oprah, the mayor’s last official act was to name a street after the talk show queen. There’s now an Oprah Winfrey Street somewhere on the Westside of Chicago!

It’s been Viewer Co-Host Week over at Wendy Williams. Whatcha think about their pick for co-hosts? Could you do it better?

Hey G-moguls, we gotta talk about  the Vampire Diaries finale! Didn’t ya know Klaus was going to kill his weak-a#% brother!?

Who didn’t know that Damon & Elena wasn’t going to kiss? That Damon wouldn’t die? and that it’s Stefan’s time to switch gears with his brother & be seen as the baaad bro!?! No surprises here! Well, the ending perhaps? The 2 ex vamps back to claim the kid who’s really a vampire (thanks to Caroline’s bite)  but doesn’t know it yet:)

Anyho, let’s keep in touch, shall we?



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