Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits To Having Love Child!

Cover of "A Million Little Pieces"

Cover of A Million Little Pieces

According to reports from The Los Angeles Times & Huffinton’s Post, Arnold Schwarzenegger admied to wife, Maria Shiver that he did, indeed, father a child well over 10 years ago with a member of their, then household staff. The woman hasn’t at this post, been named, but, if the really curious g-moguls follow the clues, it won’tbe very long before she surfaces and do we really want to drag this woman into the spotlight of cheating men & their infidelities?  I hear ya, it’s been done many, many times before….Well, I’ll wait & allow for that to happen.

The Arnold apparently did come clean with his wife shortly after leaving his term as Governor. So, perhaps Maria had taken all she could stand and just couldn’t stand no more! Anyho, I wish their children continued support and strength throughout this scrunity surrounding their famous parents…Okay, now, Donald Trump announces he won’t be running for president as Republican candidate. Who among you are surprised that he’s not running? Not I…enough said. Well, ok, ok.

Oprah Winfrey is taping her last show in Chicago next week. She told The Chicago Tribune that she will continue to be a fixture around the city because of her business and she’s keeping her apartment here. Ms. Winfrey was also quoted as saying how Chicago kept her and her team grounded, believing that no other city could have done that. Well, now she’s about to bid au revoir and that’s probably for her a “good thing”.

Rahm Emanuel was sworn in as Governor of Chicago on Monday. In attendance were VP Joe Biden and former Mayor Richard Daley and his wife. The inaguration preempted my talk/”t” shows, so not much info there. The View was a total bust and Wendy Williams gossip didn’t reveal more than I’d already scooped out! Well, didn’t watch Celebrity Apprentice, so finding out that Lil John & Meatloaf got the chopping block was news.

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with James Frey concludes today. Ya’ll remember James Frey? wrote A Million Little Pieces? Oprah had nominated the book for her bookclub selection and all hell broke loose:)  Well, we’ve all grown & James, I ain’t mad at ya!

Question: What older woman, former (Real Housewife of New Jersey) was Ray J seen kissing in a Nightclub in Los Angeles?



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