Braxton Family Values On WeTV

Toni Braxton on the Red Carpet at Vh1 Divas 2009

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Have to admit it took a long minute to warm up to this show about sisters doing what sisters do when they know they’re being filmed:) Okay, be nice & I will…Toni is the power house, having won several music awards & sold millions of records before a down spiral that caused her to file bankruptcy and the end of a marriage.

The show has been picked up for a 2nd season and I can truly see why. Tamar, the Braxton’s youger sister seems to be on a mission to pull the spotlight away from older & more famous sis, Toni.

Toni seems secure in the presence of her siblings, though, not a bit fazed by the younger Tamar’s indulgence for the spotlight, monetary things of value and a ego as big as her verbage. Married to the music producer, Vincent Herbert, Tamar is living large!

Towanda, the middle sister, once appeared on, Second Chances, a self-affirmation show hosted by Life Coach, Iyanla Vanzant, in attempts to jumpstart her music career and savage a marriage that still to this day appears to be heading for a landslide-the man needs to get a job till his books sell-just sayin’

Trina is a hot mess, ya’ll. With a husband’s alleged infidelity at the root of her lingering depressive state and drinking. One episode of the show, Trini confessed to the sisters that she’d gotten a DUI. The mom was beside herself at the thought of Trina having a mug shot…without her wig!

Traci is labeled the wannabe. She left the sister fold early on, to marry and raise a family. For some reason, since the show’s debut, Traci hasn’t seemed worried about those family values of hers. Like, where your children at? Okay, g-moguls, Of all the sisters, I sorta like the hood that comes out of Traci’s mouth-seems more real.You know how you can take the girl outta the country? Yea, kind of like that . Just so you know? I’m country& so I can say that!

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