Lady GaGa On Monday’s View Couch!

Lady GaGa concert

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No doubt the world has seen those ghastly, enormous shoes Lady GaGa wore on The View today! People, I’m a bit archiac & I get that GaGa is a fashion futuristic maven of all things “Worn Wierd” but, the gurl could hardly walk in those things. Scratch that, she couldn’t walk due to the fact that 2 guys had to assist her onto The View couch:) But, it’s all good as GaGa spilled about her childhood and being teased for her nose-whatever. That Black fashion ensemble wasn’t too much of a distraction. But, did ya’ll get a look at those hideous shoes? Well, does fashion matter? “It’s profound”-Tim Gunn

Wendy’s Monday highlights? Dish on how Wendy Williams like to party at the club…Mary Hart’s Entertainment Tonight’s farewell tribute. Yep after 25 years of “this is Mary Hart” in the entertainment/ celebrity gossip arena, Mary Hart is walking away with those million dollar insured legs of hers. Then, Wendy wouldn’t be Wendy, if she didn’t talk about NENE & Star Jones, still feuding even after losing the celebrity apprentice. As Trump usually does on the show, previous players get to come in to rehash old ills & congratulate the winner. John Rich won The Celebrity Apprentice, beating out Marlee Matlin.

Star Jones & NeNe Leakes stole the show with their ghetto fabulous antics. Chile, that’s what rating’s is all about. Blame it on the Blacks! just sayin’ & Look at Maury Povich as an example…Baby mama drama and all:) okay, ya’ll. Dang, just sayin’. But, I digress. Anyho, didn’t watch the last one standing on The Apprentice-was too busy watching Mob Wives from Staten Island! Drita taking her shoes off for the rumble in the jungle and the profanity! My word, never heard such stuff coming from women. But, then, it’s the women of the Mob, ya’ll:) just sayin’. Anyho, got to write an indepth about those women at some point…

Did You Hear?

Basketball Wives returning to VH1 on Monday, May 30th?

Amarosa (former Celebrity Apprentice & Trump’s pet) is busily dating Michael Clark Duncan, the actor from The Green Mile amid rumors of a pregnancy?

John Edwards has a Sex Tape floating around out there with his love child’s mama-Shhh. Oh what the crap, He’s destroyed his family/political career long ago.

Linda Carter, the original Wonder Woman turns 60 in July

That I got a headache and I’m not writing anymore? Well, I’m not…



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