Oprah’s Time Slot Taken Over By New Chicago Talk Show!

Book Review

Image by roeyahram via Flickr

Woke up this morning took a minute to review my next book for review over at my career transitional blog.( yep I’m a book review blogger as well which makes me a sort of renaissance woman) Anyho, people as I was sayin,’kept self busy before deciding to tune in to Chicago’s channel 7 to perhaps catch reruns of The Oprah Winfrey Show AND there’s no more OPRAH SHOW on Channel 7

Oprah’s time slot for 20 plus years here in the Windy City has been replaced by a local Chicago Show called Windy City Live! Yes, people, there’s new blood on Chicago talk with local television anchors Val Warner and Ryan Chiaverini. Seems the show’s premise is going to be about celebrity news and views and highlighting achievement of local Chicagoans…Local Chicago news & views? Sounds like a spin off from yours truly! Just sayin’:)

Anyho, g-moguls let me critique some of Windy City Live for you guys: The hosts speak quite well. They are articulate and a bit formal in their presentations of gifts, guests and give-aways..  they’re great looking, great sounding news anchors vying for viewers in Chicago & from all reports, getting them!

Benefits of attending a live show? Give-aways! YAY!  On this, the 2nd show airing, audience got a $2000.00 beauty rest mattress, BluRay DVD’S and a chance to win a Disney Vacation. That mattress giveaway appealed to my sore neck & back, so yea, I tried to go online to grab one and couldn’t even access the website!

Movie Reviews were offered today by Richard Roper and a kid reviewer for Kung Fu Panda 2. 

There are Interns who report on what’s going on in the City of Chicago.

A great bit of take away info from today’s Windy City Live?

448 million vacations were lost last year! How come folks are saving their vacation time? What’s that about??



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