Wendy Williams Gets Cozy With HUNKY Actor!

This is the picture of the original Ronald McD...

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It’s HUNKY man day this Memorial Day and for the rest of the week on The Wendy Williams Show. And boy, did Wendy get all up in her guest’s grill! The sexy Frenchman, Gilles Marini had Ms. Wendy all aflutter. He as you g-moguls know, was a DWTS alumni. Starred on Sex And The City as Samatha’s butt fantasy-cause he was showering in the nude! Yea, I remeber that scene, ya’ll:)

Well, Wendy had a dessert segment with Gilles and was feeling the strawberries on a biscuit with whip cream until…Gilles ate from her fork! Yikes,  that move from the sexy man seemed not to set well with the talk diva cause she went, ugh! Well, now, what say you? Would you eat from the same utensil from your mouth to Gilles? His wife would. just sayin’

Now listen to this, Basketball Wives are back on VH1 tonight! Yep, from the preview, it seems like our girl Royce is about to blast one of the gurls. Can’t wait to get the 411 on this drama. Just coming up off of Mob Wives. Talking about drama? Well, this show is filled with Staten Island woman drama & the  incarcerated men in their lives. Did you peep those photos Drita sent to Lee, her guy behind bars? Anyho…

Question: Should Ronald McDonald be fired from the burger’s marketing franchise? Okay ya’ll


P.S. Remember our fallen soldiers & troops working to keep us free in our  celebrating Memorial Day!


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