Red Sonya & Conan The Barbarian Made Passionate Love!

Cover of "Conan the Barbarian"

Cover of Conan the Barbarian

Okay. so I’m talking about Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger back during those Red Sonya & Conan The Barbarian days! Now ya’ll have to admit, those two were smoking hot ! And what woman among you wouldn’t have wanted to be where Brigitte was then? And I’m not being disrespectful to Maria, because the two were only dating during this little lovefest between Sonya & Conan! Sadly, life has intervened and people age. I mean, even during those crazy, drink laden days of Flava Flav, Brigitte was wearing her age well and Arnold’s stint as Governor made him a bit long in the tooth, so anyho, people, it was a long time ago and Brigitte has married and divorced a few times since. Remember Sylvester Stallone & his tell-all of how he fell for a photo of Brigitte before meeting, bedding and marrying her…didn’t she star in a movie with him as well?

So, where’s that bus with Sarah Palin aboard heading next? On Thrusday wasn’t she eating pizza with Donald Trump in New York? If yours truly could be a fly on the wall for that conversation! Well, enough about that.   How about this? Meredith Vieria going back to The View? According to Joy Behar, that’s just not true because Joy hasn’t heard a thing about that! Did ya’ll catch Season 3 of The Basketball Wives? Apparently, there’s a new gurl in town. Meeka is in Miami scouting out real estate for 3 months. Yea, right. If this new blood stir up trouble & increase ratings for the show, she’s in, like Flynn…Tami placed a lawsuit on Evelyn. Seems Evelyn’s greed is getting the best of her & she’s trying to make money, selling T shirts with those hurtful words she hurled at Tami after admitting she’s slept with Tami’s husband…tsk, tsk, Evelyn. 

Royce isn’t hanging with the gurls as much. I meant those 3 sugar-honey-ice-tea starters! Enough said, people, but Royce tells Meeka that’s she’s not afraid to defend herself and boy we’ll get to see what she means on the next episode when she throws down with Evelyn…can’t wait! Is Lamar a push-over when it comes to his wife? Dunno yet, but, if another woman had fronted him off and told him to be “more articulate” would he had been so forgiving? just sayin’

Just what does Ice “T” love so much about wife Coco? Ans: Her peacefulness. Her booty. Her booty. Her peacefulness…translation: “I’m a freak so she gives me everything I need so I don’t have to hire a hooker, but, even if I did, she wouldn’t give me drama about it, cause she’s so peaceful”! 🙂 Okay, I’ll stop!

Good News! My favs are coming back to TNT on June 14th.

1, Nurse HawthoRNe- Jada Pinkett Smith, with Mark Anthony reprising his cop role!

2. Memphis Beat-Jason Lee & Alfre Woodard, these two must have some sorta romance written in the script or I’m boycotting the show! just sayin’…The onscreen chemistry of these two is off the chain!!



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