Larry Kings’ Talking Points On The View

Derek Jeter bats against the Orioles on 4-19-08.

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After 25 1/2 years on his nightitme show, Larry King saw the writing on the wall and without his really wanting to,retired from the Larry King Show! Larry King told the ladies of The View this and other talking points on Mondays’s View as he tooted his Memoir, Truth Be Told.

According to King, he didn’t want to retire or leave the show & that he was used to signing his own contracts and when the networks offered him just another year? Larry King ” saw the writing on the wall.” Smacks of Agism to me! just sayin’

Well, Larry had quite a lot to talk about with the ladies in this segment:

On Pierce Morgan:  (who took over Larry’s time slot) “He’s fine. We’re totally different.”

On Derek Jeter: He paid me a very nice compliment. He said there are a lot of phony legends. You are a true legend.

On Donald Trump: He let me pull his hair & he said, ” don’t get too close, you have bad breath.”  Well, shut the front door! Can you believe the tactlessness of that guy!?

On being roasted: ” It’s too mean.”

On Sons: “I’ve been thrown out of three little league games!”

The hardest part about leaving the show: Not being there when a big story breaks…sigh

And Larry King is a funny guy who doesn’t normally tell jokes, he tells stories and so proceeded to a tall tale about 2 owners with their dogs-okay, not funny! just sayin’



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