Tamar.Com: Shut The Front Door!

Whoopi Goldberg in New York City protesting th...

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Okay, so Vincent, Tamar‘s husband had a great idea for the Braxton sisters. Why not do a family album with all of them? Tamar hedged a bit at first, talking about working on her nearly “are we there yet?” career and then she met, along with her sisters (excluding Toni) with Vincent in his office to discuss the album preliminaries. All of the sisters  seemed to want to be on board. Towanda. Trina. Traci, and then, Tamar asks, “what about Toni? Is she going to sang on the album? Vincent had already spoken to Toni, who for legit reasons, felt she didn’t want to sang on the entire album, but, would provide some songs on this album that certainly brought tears of joy to the girls’ mother, once she heard of it!

Well, Tamar, being Tamar.com, had a tandrum! She began to pout, play with her weave and screw up her nose at the very thought that Toni only wanted to sing a few songs on the album. Tarmar decides if Toni doesn’t sing on all of the album with them, then, she, Ms. Tamar wouldn’t be doing the album! One can only hope that the women get it together for their mother who wants this album for her girls. Pouty Tamar.Com just needs to take a chill pill and for once, do what her husband advises: LISTEN!

So, on Monday, Wendy Williams had a show rerun…must be on vacation. So, hopped over to The View becuse that’s the kind of girl I am! I mean, who wants old news, right? Anyho, I watched the women of The View parade out to the stage like I always do, basically to see what they’re wearing. Well, Whoopie came out in a graduation cap & gown. She was given an honorary degree from Savannah College of Art And Design (SCAD). Doctor Goldberg spoke on Flexibility. This makes the 6th honorary degree for Ms. Whoopie Goldberg!

Question: Whatcha think about Sarah Palin’s interpertation of Paul Revere’s Ride? just sayin’



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