Whoopie Goldberg Introduces Weiners’ “Weiner Doll” On The View

Cover of "The Exorcist (The Version You'v...

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Whoopie Goldberg pulls out the Weiner Doll on The View today and all heck breaks loose. According to a Los Angeles Times report, that darn doll even crashed websites! What’s up with that? Give me the real deal, people; A freakin’ doll! Anyhow, must be a collectors item or something, cause if folks are all up in arms about Weiner’s “weiner” this g-mogul feel for em’, Now on to some great stuff happening on the Basketball Wives premiere episode. That Meeka is going to get herself into a world of trouble. Can y’all say “Embellishment”?! Okay then, hows about “lies, lies, lies”? That new kid on the block keeps the head spinning around like Linda Blair on The Exorcist. Hmmmm…

Now give it up for Ms. Royce! That little ball of fire tore herself into that Evelyn with the swiftness. Did y’all see how deftly Royce avoided being hit with that glass  and struck back on Evelyn’s venom with the swiftness? That Royce is a force to be reckoned with. With Tami in her corner? Those two can literally kick butt! We’ll be seeing Tami get her tigress on next episode. Royce, gurl, you’re my hero:)

Wendy Williams still out on Vacation I suppose-all 2010 shows airing this week. Here at the “T” Blog I don’t do leftovers. just sayin’…Wendy you still my gurl, though. Speaking of gurl? All of my readers/g-moguls know how I decided to shoot a new gurl on the gossip block intro over to Nicolebitchie. Com? Well, never heard a word from the Gossip Maven (I’ma give you your props) anyho, the gurl got a shout out from The Single Ladies Show at VH1…Now, how cool was that? Betcha Nichole’s gonna show some love back! Okay, stop hatin’, g-moguls. There’s no HATIN’ in gossip…


Did Kim K. have more than a little botox done quite recently, or, has she always looked sort of peaked?



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