Breaking Blagojevich News-Guilty Verdict!

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The verdict is in on the Rod Blagojevich retrial. At 2:11pm Chicago time, the jury passed the verdict form the court clerk who read the verdict. Moments later, the reading of former Governor, Rod Blagojevich’s fate began to unravel. 17 counts,Guilty. 1 count Not Guilty and 2 counts Hung jury. The jury showed little mercy for Rod. They went for the jugular as a reportedly shattered wife, Patty put her head on the shoulders of her brother; no doubt in shock at the guilty verdicts that would shatter the world as they once knew it, way back before the first trial that would find her husband and the father of 2 children guilty of lying to the FBI.

 The former governor of Illinois’s wife,Patty, was overheard saying after the verdict was read,”Let’s just go home.” It’s being said that even one count of guilty could send Blagojevich to jail 7-10 years. Expect sentencing sometime in the Fall. Lawyers for Chicago’s Ex governor can exercise their rights for appeal of this devastating verdict. The strongest component in this case, according to news reports: The Governor’s attempt to sell the President’s Senate Seat!

It’s a great day for prosecutors in this trial. It’s a sad day for the Blagojevich family; wife & children and some Chicago supporters of the former Governor. Maybe the former Governor should have taken the verdict handed down during the first trial-maybe…Anyhow, this is clara54tblog , sending you the latest breaking Chicago news. I’m sure there’s more to come, as

Blagojevich addresses the people.


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