Drita On The Attack “Again” On Mob Wives

So, even before Drita attacked Karen on the last episode of Mob Wives, this chick was already seeing red! Drita Diavanzo has a temper I assume from watching one of my fav reality shows. She’s basically been fighting the entire first season of Mob Wives:)

But, this Drita anger was so foul that g-moguls had to write about the smackdown between her and Karen & all due to one man,Karen’s ex and Drita presently soon to be ex,the father of her kids, Lee.

Drita learns the Lee had a lover during the 2 years of their marriage when this guy was out of prison in their 11 year union as husband and wife. Arrested in 2000, just one month after marrying Drita. Released in 2007 when the affair supposedly began with the other woman and then, back to prison in 2009! Wow, this is the guy Drita is on the attack for?

Well, the Mob Wives reunion is bound to be hotter than even the finale because as y’all recall, Drita threatens to kill Karen (although she claims she was in a zone at the time & coudn’t remember) and Karen called Drita a “nasty whore”. July 10th is going to be fireworks, forget the fourth of July. In Staten Island, Mob Wives got blows it up!
Okay, watching Behind The Music with Missy Elliot, so gotta run. HappyJuly 4th and stuff:)


P.S. Seriously, y’all think I need a makeover? Taking all free offers!


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