Marc Anthony Adds Latin Flavor To Nurse HawthoRNe

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony, Lo Nuestro Awar...

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I didn’t really write it the way I’m thinking it people, but I must tell you, after Mr. Marc Anthony first joined Nurse HawthoRNe for 2 episodes in August of last year, the show has gained breakout success!

I don’t know about the rest of you g-moguls, but, I surmise it’s all about the Puerto Rican:) Ok, y’all, it could be the other actors ,including Jada Pinkett Smith whose character gets a bit annoying and sappy. Being a drama queen at times should be ladled out in small doses.  Although the show did hit a homerun and bring sexy back “and I ain’t talking Justin Timberlake” when Marc Anthony came aboard to  protray the sexy & smoldering Detective Nick Renata. I’m a fan!

Well, yea, I get that the smoking Marc is married to a person that men find equally sexy, wife Jennifer Lopez, but, sorry Jennifer, this post isn’t about you:) Your hubby brings the Latin flavor to one of my all time favorite shows & that’s the fact. But, Michael Vartan is sexy as well, only not in that dark latino sort of way. Michael is vanilla to Marc’s carmel & with both of them vying for Jada Pinkett Smith’s affection? Makes for darn good TV. I’m sure Marc will become a fixture on the show, if he so desires.  

Now, if my other fav TNT show would put a bit of romance in the mix with Detective Rice and Dwight! Yep, I’m talking Memphis Beat…love the cast, but wanting to see more affection between the main characters.Ok, y’all producers, get in the mix…shoot, at this rate, I could write steamier scenes. just sayin’



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