A View From Missy Elliott’s VH1 Behind The Scenes

Missy Elliott in 2005.

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It was quite interesting to watch-VH1 Behind The Music with Missy Elliott. I was truly inspired by her story of survival and fight for the right to be herself. Missy Elliott, writer, producer, rapper and advocate againt abuse is full figured, which seemingly got her rejected from her own project. According to Missy, she produced video starring a young Raven Samone and was cut from appearing in it due to her weight. The video used a slimmer person.

Ms. Elliott also talks about her father pulling a gun on her mother and Missy begging him not to shoot her mom. Missy says that she went public with the sexual abuse by a 16 year old cousin when she was just 8 years old because other victims needed to know. Her mother hesitant to “air” their personal laundry, finaly saw that Missy Elliot, her daughter was spot on in making that decision.

There were several down periods that befelled the rapper/producer/songwriter. Her good friend Aaliyah’s death in August 2001, rocked Missy to the core. Missy’s Timberland had produced Aaliyah’s second album, One In A Million.  The young singer/actress loss was devasting to Missy Elliott. Missy’s health began to deteriorate as well. With her star still rising, she became hypertensive (elevated blood pressure) and diagnosed with Graves Disease.

Reportedly, the rapper’s health is under control and she is still doing it, with her Under Construction, dedicated to Aaliyah, becoming the highest selling album to date . As Missy ends her VH1 segment with this inspiration “Pray to be amongst the legends when I’m done, but, I’m not done yet.”


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