Mob Wives Reunion Recap

Voorlezer's House, Staten Island, NY

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So the reunion hosted By “my gurl”, Wendy Williams on Sunday Night wasn’t as SPECTACTULAR as that season finale! Gosh, all of the fire between Drita and Karen didn’t carry over into the Mob Wives Reunion and frankly, g-moguls, “your gurl” was disappointed! Okay, so non-violence has its place, y’all and that fight don’t ya know went down as THE BIGGEST fight ever seen in Reality TV History!

Karen coming back to Staten Island to write a book on her growing up in the Mob has caused the women-friends in her life to unleash a wad of venom upon one another and their significant others. Drita D’avanzo found out husband Lee cheated for the two years he was a free man and is now in the process of filing for divorce. She states on the show they’re not speaking and get this, remember the fight between Carla and Renee over Carla‘s alleged scumbag/gropper boyfriend? Well, Carla is no longer seeing Joe and she’s spending more time with her ex, now that HE’s out of jail, lol

Renee is supposedly over her JR. She’s back working in Hip Hop as a stylist to such folks like 50 cents. She admits to having multiple cosmetic surgeries ; nose job, breast reduction and liposuction. Next on Karen’s cosmetic agenda? Tummy Tuck. Critics have bashed Mob Wives, calling it a disgrace to Italian America. Hmmm, didn’t folks say that about Jersey Shore and they’re still laughing all the way to the bank, people. One maven of the Mob, Victoria Gotti reportedly slammed the show as well. Remember her family’s “Growing Up Gotti“? Victoria Gotti thinks the show is scripted. Aren’t they all?

As one Mob Wives saga ends and another begins, let’s all hope Karen sticks to her word in that finale smackdown…” I’ll keep coming for you, you dirty f#$king ##!

just sayin’:)



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