Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez Swan Song

Time 100 2006 gala, Jennifer Lopez and Marc An...

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As Nick Lashey and longtime gal pal, Vanessa Minnila were somewhere on an island saying their “I dos”, picture Jennifer Lopez and husband of 7 years, Marc Anthony, somewhere screaming instructions to their publicists on what to say  in a statement about the demise of their marriage!! I mean, who knew? Those two latino sex machines weren’t meant to split up… Just doesn’t seem right somehow. Marc, what you go & get yourself caught up in now? Jlo, you better not be cheatin on Marc! Anyhoo, appears from reports that it’s Jennifer who’s filing for divorce. I refuse to write speculation, people-just sayin’

Okay, so let us recount by doing a bit of number crunching with these 2 couples: Nick and Vanessa in a 4 year relationship before tying the knot. Jlo & Marc married 7 years before ending their union. In theory, it’s estimated that after 7 years, someone will cheat…You know, the seven year itch deal. That would mean that Nick and Vanessa have approximately 3 years to work on keeping their marriage tight!

Realistically, we know that in Holloywood, marriages have a 1 in a million chances for longevity…but, then, what do people know about it? On friday, g-moguls learned that Chris Brown fans came out in record numbers to hear & see him perform on The Today Show– something like 18 thousand strong!

We also hear that Tiger Woods ex, Elin is dating a billionaire. Hugh Heftner believes there was another guy in the picture when Crystal ( the run-away bride to be) bolted. There’s an upcoming special with views from both parties to set the record straight.

The Voice crew came casting for new talent at Chicago’s Navy Pier on Thrusday and the author of PUSH was in the city for a Q&A session. I got media heads up for interview, but just too busy to pursue another author @ the moment.:)

Exciting news for an upcoming episode of Basketball Wives…Evelyn gets perturbed at BFF Jennifer for alluding to her fiance as a “Media Whore” in a radio interview. Y’all better recognize!



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