Another “SmackDown” On Basketball Wives!


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So Tami smacks Meeka on Basketball Wives and alludes to it being in self-defense, SAY WHAT!?! I mean, come on Tami can’t you be a bit more creative? The camera didn’t lie, Reality TV, or, no Reality TV. Fess up Tami, you were hell bent on hurting a sista-just sayin’. Anyhoo, g-moguls, the fights bewteen women on these shows are becoming more & more aggressive. First the smackdown between Drita & Karen on Mob Wives, Royce in a prior altercation with Evelyn and now this?

Can the women blame it on the alcohol or, is it what the producers are encouraging these shows to do to rake in more viewers? Just to be clear, I’m not totally against a friendly feud, but, when the weaves are flying and you start showing viewers what your mama gave ya? Too much. So, weigh in on this people and tell my readers how you really feel. Was Tami out of pocket tonight?

Last week, it was Evelyn telling her best friend Jennifer f$@k  you and so tonight Jennifer apologized profusely to the point of crying big crocodile (fake) tears in order to get back into Evelyn’s good graces. And where the heck is Royce? We know that Shaunie didn’t bother asking the gurl on this 2nd trip to Rome, but, quiet as kept? Royce makes the show flow with some common decency…

Can you guess the ex’s of these basketball women? Haven’t been paying attention? Don’t worry I got your back:) Here’s the lowdown of the ex basketballers in the women lives.

Jennifer- Eric Williams-in process of getting divorced

Shaunie- ex wife of Shaquille O’ Neal- Shaq, the big rack.

Tami- ex wife of Kenny Anderson

Evelyn, presently snags another basketball/ fiance & alleged “media whore” -Chad/Ochochinco.

Watching The Basketball Wives Encore presentation tonight was basically a buzz kill:( I mean if you’ve seen one knock down, drag out, well, you’ve basically seen them all:)

Now, Royce getting a handle on Evelyn? Priceless…



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