Kelly Rowland Dishes On Access Hollywood Live

Destiny's Child performing "Say My Name&q...

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Kelly Rowland, formerly of Destiny’s Child spent time on Friday’s Access hollywood live hosted by Billy Bush and guest host Tisha Campbell (Martin) Kelly was dishing on everything from her new fragrance called Empress ( in stores now btw) to her smoking hot Album : Here I Am. Let me tell y’all, the Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child era has been replaced by an amazon black goddess with a banging bod that spells HOT!

Kelly admits to working out and her bold, semi- bare body graces the cover of VIBE MAGAZINE! The singer-actress recently guest starred on Single Ladies where she played a sexy disc jockey, vying for a new kid on the block. Ms. Rowland album is steaming up the video and airwaves, which also promped a video shout-out from her bff, Beyonce on Access.

When asked about a Destiny Child‘s reunion, Kelly admitted that when the ladies got together they talked about everything else, but, a destiny child’s reunion, although she did admit in so many words to being open to the idea. Well, if things continue on in Kelly’s favor at this time in her career, there might not ever come a reunion-just sayin’

Remember to catch the wedding recap of Nick Lashey and Vanessa Minnillo.  Nick and Vanessa’s Dream Wedding airs Saturday on TLC. Check your local listing.

Did y’all know that Hef was actually relieved that Crystal called off their wedding? According to Crystal on Monday’s View, when she told Hef she didn’t think getting married was a good idea, Hfe stated he was only doing it for her!



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