Around-The Way Gossip & A President’s Birthday Bash!

Happy August 1st peeps! This is a bit of round-the way news today cause I’m getting it from all venues. Over at Lyndsey Parker’s Reality Rocks I read that our grul, Fantasia Berrino/former American Idol winner announced her pregnancy to folks in Florida who turned for a benefit show. Now, of course, people are wondering who the daddy is. The video proclaiming Antwaun as the father over at Binside TV was removed…no biggie, we’ll know soon enough.

Lady Gaga appeared on The View today wearing polka do dress, hat and sunglasses. She blasted the media for lack of respect Amy Winehouse received when she was alive. Gaga doesn’t feel the late Winehouse had to learn any lessons, but the lesson for the world is to be kinder to the superstar…

Rosie O’ Donnell wants Russell Brand to be her guest on her new talk show in Chicago this fall on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) She doesn’t care to have Casey Anthony, stating she’s not into politics. Rosie promises her viewing audiences a mature, elevated, happier person.

Paul McCartney at Chicago’s Wrigley Field this week. Also,President Obama will be in Chicago on tuesday to celebrate his 50th birthday. Jennifer Hudson will be among the performers. The president will also be attending a campaign fundraising.

Did You Know?

Ashton Krutcher is 33 and wife Demi Moore is 48 years old.

Katie Holmes turned down the role of Buffy The Vampire Slayer before the role went to Sarah Michele Geller.

Casey Anthony has been ordered to resurface in order to serve 1 year of supervised probation on a checkbook charge?

Jennifer Lopez talks about her marriage mistake in Vanity Fair Magazine.

And that’s news from around-the way people:)



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