The Internet: Abuzz With Scott Disic Getting His Vegas Drunk On!

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So, apparently Kourtney Kardashian intuitiveness in not marrying her baby’s daddy, Scott Disic, was a smart move- sort of, as his recent Las Vegas drinking escapade was caught on tape in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and is currently splattered all over the internet! Recall if you will, how it came to be that Kourtney and Scott broke up ( nooo, not,his cheating ways) but, because of his out of control drinking! Scott became a demon when he drank. Stuffing money down waitstaff at clubs, punching holes in walls, breaking his kuckles on splattered mirrors that he punched and exposing his genitals to Kourtney and her friend in an attempt that Kourtney set up to make him jealous!

Yikes, Scott truly seemed to have put all of that stuff on the backburner when he became daddy to baby Mason. But, alcoholism is a disease dont ya know? and Scott reportedly attended AA Meetings to get his drinking under control- still the oldest Kardashian sister wasn’t jumping the broom quite yet, with her man and lo and behold, off to Vegas for a porported Business trip on Sunday night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians and what does Scott order? Johnnie Walker on the rocks! The first of many drinks ordered that night, while smoozing with his business peers.

Of course, Kourtney was concerned that what Scott did would go down that way-drinking and becoming an out of control boozer…Sorry Kourt, you were right about it, gurl. Scott lost his sobriety, reportedly one year clean and sober, only, he knows for sure:( Anyhoo, g-moguls, that’s what’s happening on the blogger boards, twitter and just about all access internet portals from around the way…Oh, oh, but, tonight on Basketball Wives, Eric actually pours a drink in his estranged wife’s face! Now, what brought THAT on? Could it be because the two are not officially divorced and Jennifer is blatantly kissing a guy on the dance floor of her Divorce Party Bash- that Eric got fed up and doused Jennifer with alcohol? Water? and were you surprised? and did she deserve it? Naw, non violence- people!

Anyhoo. let’s just get the facts tonight, ok?



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