Marc Anthony’s Character Gets Shot On Nurse HawthoRNe


Image by pwbaker via Flickr

Okay, so people are going to speculate and yes, I admit as a g-mogul I did add to the mix by reporting on the “chemistry” between Marc and Jada’s characters during that HawthoRNe episode where they did the well… I was only writing about the “Ts’ in that Nurse HawthoRNe Sizzles On TNT! post. That doesn’t mean that like Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, the actors are going to forget their families and significant others and leave their mates–

Okay, Marc and Jennifer had already made a move on that, but, I’m just sayin’ Will and Jada are the Sh#t man, they can’t be breaking up what we, the viewers see as a good thang! They just can’t:(  Doesn’t matter what InTouch Weekly has written (speculation, pure speculation) and it doesn’t matter if there was chemistry between Marc Anthony and Jada Pinkett Smith… People got morals; now how about that?

Anyhoo,  I was standing in line at a local grocer when I spotted the InTouch headline. I promptly grabbed the magazine, stepped out of line and read the whole article before replacing that gossip rhetoric back in the rack it came from! I’m devastated here. I’m a big gurl and I’ve endured a breakup now and again but, not Jada and Will…the fresh prince? Stop the foolery!

Watching Tuesday night’s Nurse HawthoRNe,  seeing Marc’s character, detective Nick Renata  get shot. I can as a g-mogul, only speculate that:

1. Marc Anthony ends his reign on the show to commit to prior obligations with estranged wife, Jennifer Lopez

2. The producers felt this was the only way to squash those “chemistry” rumors

3. The shooting becomes a whodunit between Marc, Tom and that stalker person or,

Fill in the blanks here people! I just can’t speculate about it any more. I just can’t!. Let’s say a prayer for the Smith’s to stay together:)



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