The Basketball Wives L.A. Spinoff!

Los Angeles Lakers Shaquille O'Neal 12/20/1999

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Okay, so I’ve been checking out this new Basketball Wives spinoff called: Basketball Wives LA. Of course, this is also produced by Shaunie O’Neal, ex wife and mother of basketballer, Shaquille (Shaq) O’ Neal’s 6 kids?.  Anyhoo, it seems that the plot thickens in LA’s Basketballl Wives because who do we see amongst these new wives? None other than Gloria and infamous sister Laura! (Laura is a single mom with 4 children, so, don’t hate g-moguls)

Now you recall how Gloria defended her sister, Laura in the original basketball wives when the “mean” gurls (ya know who you are) had Shaunies’ back in that alleged infidelity thing regarding Shaq and Laura? Well, Shaunie and Gloria had a big verbally abusive rumble about it all.  Seems Shaunie was angry that Gloria wouldn’t spill the beans about what she knew of her sister and Shaq. Gloria always tooted the “blood is thicker than water” mantra…hey, don’t hate.  I feel the same way, to a point…

Well, that Gloria moved to LA with Matt, her basketballer fiance’ and their children. The producers must have realized they had a gold mine with this series of women brawlers because there’s Gloria with sister Laura and other women with basketball spouses, ex’s and “roaches.” You be the judge of that particular word! So, I’m not expecting to see a beat down in the first segments of Basketball Wives LA but, natch, viewers were not disappointed.

Seems the women in the group got their hater radar on for Malaysia and Tanya. Malaysia ” had her ass on her shoulders” and Tanya’s in trouble for her beliefs as a motivational and inspirational speaker. It seems the girls won’t be able to respect the fact that a sistah “reads”.  Anyhoo, it all seems like a carbon copy of the original Basketball Wives with different and  a couple of younger players in this group- Royce pretty much holds her own as the younger member in the original series…

Anyway you slice it, the women in Basketball Wives LA will keep the drama alive because, well, that’s the reality of Reality TV!



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