More News From Chicago’s Homefront!


The Joy of Connecting®, Designed as a Tool to Aid Women in Connecting to Resources, Building Relationships and Growing their Businesses Announce New Location

Chicago, Illinois (South)] – [September 10, 2011] – The Joy of Connecting ®, a non-membership organization headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia announces the expansion and opening of a new location.  Billie Billups], serves as a Joy of Connecting licensee and will host monthly gatherings designed to give participants an opportunity to create relationships, foster personal and professional alliances, and be in an environment that supports and honors who they are and what they do. Billie Billups can be contacted by calling 773-220-5179 or via email at The first gathering is scheduled to take place on [Saturday, September 10, 2011 @ 11:00 am @ 643 E. 88th Place, Chicago, 60619].

“The Joy of Connecting®” is a non-membership organization created by Bonnie Ross-Parker, CEO/Founder, in April, 2002. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, its mission is to support women entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professional women.

Bonnie has expanded “The Joy of Connecting ®” nationwide. Bonnie have duplicated “The Joy of Connecting®” experience through the selling of licenses. Currently there are licensees in Georgia, Washington, DC, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, California, North Carolina, Kansas, New Jersey, and Washington State.

About The Joy of Connecting ®

“The Joy of Connecting®” is a relaxed networking gathering including a light luch for business owners, entrepreneurs other professional women & their guests.
“The Joy of Connecting®” is a unique and innovative marketing program that enables participants to build their business by bringing women together in a natural, nurturing environment to connect with one another.
“The Joy of Connecting®” eliminates frustration, fear and rejection associated with building one’s business.
“The Joy of Connecting®”is an opportunity for licensees to reach out to women in their community in a way that benefits not only the businesses of those who participate but their business as well.



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