Kate Plus Eight “I’m Freakin’ Out!”

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Okay, so I’m supposed to be taking a breather from blogging this week! I’m knowing that I’m one “bad to the bone” g-mogul, but I mean even Rome wasn’t built in a day( I, too, fail to see the correlation) anyways that’s how tired I am. But, because I’m all about bringing the news to y’all, I’ll rest my keyboard after this post. For sure, after tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives L.A.  Anyhoo, this is basically about how Kate Gosselin is going around Tinseltown bemoaning the cancellation of her Kate Plus 8 Reality Show.

Seems Kate’s at her wits end as the realization sets in that show’s final episode will be airing on TLC Monday. Kate has been milking, err, making the rounds of every talk show her people can book her on, declaring how she’s “freakin’ out” and that it’s just not feasible for her to return to Nursing with 8 kids to take care of. Well, now, as a nurse (don’t hold it against me) I’m  agreeing with Kate! Anyhoo, I can see where Kate is coming from because financially, nursing sucks! Just sayin’ people. Kate has a point there and besides, she has every right to strive for something more tangible in her life and career. I’m with ya, Kate.  I recently learned that maids in fancy hotels make more than some nurses!!!!

Go ahead and spread your wings gurl. Market what your mama gave you; oops, that’s Kim Kardashian and sisters incorporated. My bad.  Kate was on Wendy Williams today and she said she wants to do something along the lines of tv talk.  (My gurl Wendy is baaack!) Sorry, Wendy’s return is another post. Anyhooo. rumors abound that The Talk might be considering Kate on its show. Well, considering that “The Talk” Networks didn’t renew the contract of my gurl, Holly Robinson Peete? Y’all feel me?

Ok, so Wendy suggested Kate might want to look into talk radio and Kate was agreeable to that idea and to the idea of becoming a children designer… Of course, Wendy had to go there and ask Kate, in essence, why Kate hadn’t thought of expanding into other areas when she had all of the reality stuff going for her. How many of you think Kate’s a smart business woman? I see. Anyhoo, here’s wishing you the very best (take care of those kids) Kate Gosselin! And forget about what ex-hubby is saying how you need to get a normal job. Billy Bush alluded to your couch Jon, but, I ain’t hating, cause I got a normal job and my couch is in desperate need of an upgrade too! How about that???   

Okay, now, you people might get 1 more post this week, because I’ve been crazy busy promoting my new ebook at my motivational website. If y’all want the 411 on this stunning weaver of words, go on over to http://authentic-woman.net, stroll down the site to pick up a copy of A Life Toward Authenticity: My Authentic Woman Story and send me feedback… negative or positive, I’m a g-mogul, I can take it!!  Okay, for real people, I’m pooped:)



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