Thrusday Nights On The CW

American actor Johnny Depp.

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You guys, I’m loving the Fall! It is my fav time of the year. The golden leaves, overcast sky of blue, evening of color nipping at your feet…Hmmm, love in the air. Gifts sent in my mailbox. Okay already, so that’s TMI! Anyhoo, about Thrusday Night lineup on the CW. If you want to know what I like? I like scary stuff! I was all up in the Vampire Diaries grill and it has got some exciting storylines going on. For you g-moguls out there, check it:

Since girlfriend Bonnie brought Jeremy back to life, he’s seeing VAMPIRES! More like ex girlfriend vamps. Caroline has this vampire urge to mate and so does this wolf boy, Tyler….sooo, natch they get their love jones on. However, as Caroline tries to sneak away from their little animal connection, Tyler’s mom got a surprise for Caroline! Stefan is killing me y’all. He’s returned to his nasty vampire destructive ways…killing, ripping, beheading women/she-wolves and stuff, while his poor Elena is left with brother Damon and Damon’s vampire thang for Elena.

I was appalled and miffed at Stefan for compelling Damon’s feed off girl to fall to her death! Poor Damon, that storyline could have played itself out more, don’t cha know? And I’m also wondering:  If Caroline might not become pregnant with Tyler’s wolf child? If Bonnie might have to beat off those ex vamps of boyfriend Jeremy. That the show actually showing young people smoking pot in what Elena referred to as the “stoner Den” factors in as believability factor? Anyhoo, catch it on Thrusday Nights 7pm on the CW…

The Secret Circle premiered after Vampire Diaries. It’s about a pact of witches…Some good… Some bad. Still trying to figure out who’s who..  Seems teens might like this one better than yours truly. However, I’m already not liking dude killing the mom in cohorts with the school principal… Like the grandmother though, she’s the good witch…hope she’s not too good:)

Oh, before I forget? Johnny Depp will be bringing the vampire from my glory days to the big screen. Dark Shadows! I was a terrified lil child but, that ring and cane Barnabus sported? PRICELESS …



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