Wendy Williams Host “Talking Points” With Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen in March 2009

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That Charlie Sheen– that good time Charlie! My how he does get around and from where I’m sitting…Charlie Sheen is definitely “Winning!” Having shown up on the Today Show, Jay Leno and a host of other talk tv including Monday’s Wendy Williams where Charlie gives more insight into his life after “Winning!”…  So, Wendy asked the tough questions. You know those questions we all want to know the answers to? Okay, Charlie, you’re up!


That infamous TMZ photo where he’s looking so crazed- “That was in a friend’s basement at a party. ”

Ex wife Denise Richards when she says “Charlie is the kind of guy that needs to be single”- Admits his relationships are pretty good before the marriages and he doesn’t remember saying he’d cut off ex wife’s Denise  Richards hair!

Ex wife Brooke Mueller present relationship- “We’re friends and we’ll sort of stay that way as co-parents.” Charlie denies a romantic relationship with his ex.

The Goddesses- ” I thought I’d try something unconventional. They’re not still around. It ran its course…it was really an experiment.”

On sleeping with 5,000,00 women:  “Not possible.” ” The math doesn’t add up.”

Owns 7 or 8 vintage watches!

Relationship with dad, Martin Sheen? “Fabulous!”

Brother Emilio? “Doing good.”

 Very close with his mom…

Admits that Monday Night’s Roast at Comedy Central  will be “pretty brutal” and sees it as not an assignation, but, a celebration!

Afterwards, Charlie Sheen tells Wendy Williams, he and friends will take the roast to his house to watch Two And A Half Men and that he’d hug Ashton Kutcher and tell him “Make us proud bro.”

NO, people, Charlie did not shoot Kelly Preston back in the day. Charlie says ” It was an accident and I wasn’t even in the room when it happened.”

That’s why Charlie Sheen is “WINNING!”



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