The View Says Goodbye To Ending of an Era- All My Children

Greg and Jenny (Laurence Lau and Kim Delaney)

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Kim Delaney who played “Jenny” to Laurence Lau‘s “Greg”  on the long time soap, All My Children, called the show’s demise ” An end to an era.”  The show that aired for 40 something years took its last bow from television viewers as The View saluted them on Friday. Quite an emotional send off.. The Show’s producers & creator, cried buckets of tears, as did Susan Lucci who came out at the start to sit at the table with The View women. 

It was awesome to see some of the original cast members.  Kelly Rippa and hubby, Mark Consuelos wasn’t aboard for the send off, but, aforementioned Kim Delaney and Laurence Lau was. Jessie and Angie was also there! Y’all remember them don’t cha ? The only Black couple in 1983’s All My Children? Honey hush! Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams? Still looked good! Of course, the actress playing Kendle. The actor playing Jack and a host of other folk. All My Children was a staple in our household during daytime, but, oddly enough, it wasn’t one of my all time favs- that would be Guiding Light, people.

It was a fitting salute . The women of The View did something other than hog the spotlight and that was good! Remember that scene on the jet ski when Jenny took a bad spill and eventually died in Pine Valley Hospital? Well, that’s how it felt like for viewers, cast members and creator of the soap…. from housewives and lovers of daytime soaps &, All My Children- peace out!

This just in:

Roseanne’s Nuts -cancelled.

Arnold Schwarzeneggar writing a book called: Total Recall; My Unbelievable True Life Story 

Bristol Palin gets in an altercation while filming her new Reality Show!

Eva Longoria and Scott Disic appeared on Mario’s H8Rs (haters). Scott was wrong for hatin’ on the hater and Eva was hurt when her hater called her racist against Latinos.

Question: By a show of comments. How many of you hate the show “H8Rs?!”



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