Wendy Williams Pole Dancing Men!

Tokyo Tower lit up for Breast Cancer Awareness...

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Don’t go getting it twisted people! I’m not putting it out there that Wendy Williams was all up in the club watching men get their POLE dancing on! I ain’t the one to start salacious rumors, dontcha know? Actually, this is a true invite from The Wendy Show as she sends a shout out for men -regular guys, to come on down and pole dance for charity!  October as we all know, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so Wendy Williams is inviting women to get their men to pole dance for charity-all for a good cause. Now, I don’t have all the 411 right now, but, I’m sure y’all can log on to the Wendy Show.com for the specifics…

Anyhooo, today on the Wendy Show, it was all about the oldies of comedy. Actually Jaleel White  (Did I do that?!) from Family Matters-so fine, he is ! and Marla Gibbs, of 227 and The Jeffersons. Surprisingly, Marla Gibbs is still acting at 80, but, then, Betty White is past 80, so it’s all good! Marla cleared up those old tumors of a feud between her and Jackee’ of 227. Marla was placed in the role of “executive producer” without the benefits and she rebuffed some things Jackee wanted to do on the show, which naturally upset Jackee’.  That’s all…No big deal altercations. 

Speaking of big deal: The producers of  BRAVO’S  The Housewives of New Jersey are looking for new housewives. Wendy has some advice for all y’all gals who want to go for the part. Be :






Do it proud!

Back to Jaleel White:  Great teeth. Great BODY.  34 and single dad of 9 year old daughter…got GREAT BODY too!



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