Sherri Sheperd Goes Ballistic Over Barbara Walters Using The “N” Word!

Journalist Barbara Walters, at the Metropolita...

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It all went down this way: Barbara Walters started reading the circumstance surrounding the Republicans hoopla. Where Perry’s (Republican Pres. contender) family have a hunting camp in Texas bearing a rock with the words “N” Heads scrawled on it-been there for decades and hastily covered over by the way! Republican Cain ( Black Pres contender) called out Perry for being insentive to his black  folks! Well, in reading this controversy, Ms. Walters uses the “N” word which Sherri Sheperd found highly offensive-

 I say, you go Sherri gurl! Barbara, you know as a journalist, that word isn’t tolerated when used by white people in any capacity! Let’s keep it real y’all, Barbara shouldn’t have said the word on the air ( we ALL know what goes on behind some folks closed door-how bout that!?!) This wasn’t the place and Sherri, gurl, I feel ya…Now, Whoopie, I don’t know how you sleep at night sometimes gurl- you my boo- boo, but you ain’t holding it down with that tolerating the “N” word from your peeps!

Anyhoo, moving on: The first male pole dancer came to the Wendy Show on Monday to “rock the pole” for breast cancer awareness. This naughty way to fund breast cancer awareness was started by 2 women of ARADIA FITNESS. It’s darn ingenious gals! Now, Wendy is also asking folks to send their response to the question of who would make the best Black James Bond. I say Will Smith. What y’all say about that? Anyhoo, I’m a fan of Will and Jada’s, so I ain’t hatin’..

So how many folks noticed that Tanya has been missing from Basketball Wives LA?

That Ron Attest wife, Kimsha was let go?

That Draya is getting all the hate from the women cause of past offenses- Ok, I’m not liking all the hate spewing from these “Older” broads toward Draya, but, I’m sooo compassionate for children safety!  Ok, I’m on the fence here y’all, but, God is a forgiving God and I can’t judge anyone for living and learning from their mistakes. You better recognize second chances Draya gurl!

Take a look at Amanda Knox! just sayin’



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