Brief Recap: Kim’s Fairytale Wedding

Dribbling swan

Okay, so I’m not going to say a lot here people. At least until I get the full 411, but I gotta know. How many of you saw the 1st episode of the 2 part E  prenuptial Kim’s Fairytale WEDDING!?! Did ya pick up those underlying H8R vibes going on between Khloe & her now brother-in- law Kris Humphries? I mean , can U say NASTY?! But, why is Khloe so perturbed with the young Kris? Glad you asked. Don’t get it twisted. I’m an expert g-mogul but I never said I had a telegraphic memory… so, I took notes. Anyhoo here’s how most of it went down:

Khloe- “I’m hoping that your intentions are pure” alluding to Kris being “Opportunistic”

Kris_ “How dare you question someone else’s marriage?.”  “Are  you sure you’re not using Lamar?”

Khloe- “You have come up off of Kim.” “When she falls in love, she falls hard.” (here they were arguing about whose using whom)

Kris- “Maybe I should question her (Kim) intentions.” “Sacrifices goes both ways.”

Okay, y’all, that was the gist of the first nights’ episode. Basically, Khloe doesn’t trust Kris motives for marrying Kim. She even went to their mom and manager (Kris Jenner) to make sure that prenups had been signed before the wedding between Kim and Kris in an effort to make sure ‘Their Kardashian Brand is protected!.” 

Did y’all catch the biggest fear voiced by Kris Humphries in marrying Kim Kardashian though? Were y’all sleeping?! Well, it’s that he doesn’t want to be controlled by these women. The quote went something like this. “I don’t want to be like Bruce and Scott, living life in the passenger seat.” Alrighty now. That seems fair. I’m just gonna sit it out before deciding just how long this union will last. There’s already a tug of war going on here and poor Kris doesn’t seem to be “WINNING!”

Love & Marriage…



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