Friday TV Talk From Clara54’s “T” Blog

Bethenny Frankel brings SkinnyGirl Margaritas ...

Image by CynthiaSmoot via Flickr

Okay, so I have a bit of Friday TV Talk in the world of gossip for y’all today. It’s so much going on in the lives of our celebrity friends (in our heads) per Wendy Williams and The View that I’m just going to go there. Barbara welcomed the former co-host, Lisa Ling to The View couch and the first thing she said “You’re too thin.” Ok, so tactful , that Barbara. Then when Lisa who works for OWN (Oprah’s Network) ended the segment about SEX, Ms. Walters says “Eat a little.”

Moving on to Oprah BFF Gayle King who came on to talk about herself natch and Oprah. Doesn’t she always? Anyhoo, nothing so new with this part of  The View’s couch guests except maybe Gayle wearing 2 different shoes and her statement she doesn’t think it’s good to be a virgin when you get married. Well, to each its own Ms. King, but, apparently the world concensus mirrors yours.

Whoopi took questions from the audience and gave out copies of her book Is It Just Me…Okay, Whoop, gurl, I’m a fan. Where’s my copy? Just sayin’. Moving right along to my gurlfriend (in my head) Wendy Williams had some true nitty-gritty on the 411, people! There’s reports things ain’t looking so honeymoonish for Kim Kardashian and new hubby Kris Humphries! Got your attention didn’t I? Y’all saw the prelude to the nuptials right? AND didn’t y’all read my concerns about the future of this hasty wedding? But, in all fairness, the marriage is still in its adjustment phase and need to rack up frequent flyer miles…so don’t go thinking the worst.

Anyhoo, I’ll be spilling more of what I heard at my popular London column later. Y’all can catch your gurl (ME) at as an American Correspondent; representing y’all cause that’s what I do! Now, there’s a mystery surrounding Bethenny Frankel‘s self made millions. Seems Forbes Magazine placed the former Housewives of New York as #3 on their richest women list, next to Lady Gaga at #2 and of course, Oprah Winfrey at the # 1 spot. Well, Forbes had Ms. Frankel pulling in 120 million dollars when her SkinnyGirl  Margarita was  sold for 80 million dollars. I say, what’s a few million dollars between y’all rich folk? Still, the reasons for placing 3rd on Forbes Magazine richest list was due to the millions made!

Question: Do y’all think Kris Humphries is liking this celebrity stuff more than the game of Basketball and that he might not return to the game when it’s no longer on lockout?

 Y’all better holla’


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