Le pont fleuri...!!!

Okay, so, this thing has been sticking in my craw and seeping through my g-mogul pores and simmering to a boil for a moment! Actually, it all started when TNT canceled Nurse HawthoRNe without so much as a by-your-leave to their viewers. I am so perturbed right about now, people (ok, so y’all know I’m old school & don’t go in for cursing so much- in print) anyhoo, I’m feeling the heat of my anger just rising up at folks over at TNT because they’ve gone and given the AX to another one of my favorite new shows, MEMPHIS BEAT!

How in the world can y’all honestly take these shows off the air without blinking an eye? It’s always about the almighty dollar, right? I get that, TNT, but  folks out here were loving these shows and y’all just don’t have a clue about good customer satisfaction! Alfre Woodard was the bomb. With a little bit of sexy allure to her southern twang for Dwight, man y’all could have racked up on viwers & benjamins. The storylines were juicy, tantalizing and dramatic sometimes; even a bit corny, but, that’s how folks in Memphis roll! 

Okay, just had to get that sugar- honey- iced- tea off my chest! I do have some interesting “T’s” for a later post for all of you g-mogul followers, but, I’ve got to go and lie down for a bit- I mean, can’t a woman in my position have a MOMENT!?! Dang-



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