Jennifer Lopez Cries Over Her Love Jones-Marc Anthony

Kostas Martakis, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Image via Wikipedia

Oh don’t go acting so shocked people! Their breakup is still new, after all and I for one think that JLO breaking down at her recent Connecticut concert was solely due to her missing Marc Anthony and thinking about those love jones the two of them shared and they do have babies together. I say she sang  “If You Had My Love” not for Sean “P”  Diddy Combs, or even Ben Affleck, but to her Latin soulmate, former lover, hubby and father to her babies, Marc Anthony!

I also say Celebrities need to get a grip and work on their troubled marriages before hauling off and threatening divorce. Unless he cheated, stole, abused, or discovered him to be an undercover homsexual, JLO should have stayed and worked on it. Gurl, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. No man is perfect and neither are you! Anyhoo, I think Mariah Carrey said it best in reference to her own hubby, Nick Cannon in a recent interview “He’s a man!” 

TMZ producer Harvey Levin was seen on a C-Span Entertainment News Coverage saying he’d never pay for interviews. Videos and pictures yes, because they’re objective. He also regrets not having gotten to know Steve Jobs. Well, dude, you ain’t the only one:) Anyhoo, if you thought coming out was the “career ender” what about all the publicity surrounding a friendship with Steve Jobs? You know how people love gossip…

For all of you who haven’t seen CHELSEA SETTLES on MTV? Three words: Check it out! It is so inspiring for all young adults & teens who are trying to come up from obstacles and challenges to live their dreams, regardless of how others treat , or view you.  Don’t let H8Rs destroy your resolve to become “Somebody.”  Y’all get the impression how this post is turning into a motivational speak?! just sayin’

Did ya hear?

Lindsey Lohan’s mom, Dina writing a Tell-All?

Chris Brown & Kelly Rowland hooking up while on tour together?

That John Travolta called to reserve a table at a KFC while in France?

Back when Wendy Williams was a Radio DJ, she had an assistant to spy on Jennifer Lopez while she visited the ladies room, only to take note of the “fact” that JLO failed to wash her hands!?!. Can y’all say “Nasty Girl?” tsk, tsk… Okay, sooo, maybe, she was nervous back then and forgot how cleanliness is next to godliness? That’s not cool JLO, but, I’m not hating. But, like ” Life is a beautiful thing. Love is a beautiful thing.” Don’t cha know, handwashing is essential to good health and health is a beautiful thing?



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