Mak Chmerkovskiy Commends America’s Freedom of Speech!

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Okay, so I’m feeling a bit peaked today as in “under the weather” and stayed home from day gig to rest and break into my next book for review over at my transitional lifestyle clara54 site. Yep, I do wear a few hats, but, I digress on the reason for today’s post. In a Word; MAK CHMERKOVSKIY! That man IS poison and I do mean it in a gooood way! All of the women who watch DWTS’s could confide their true intent is to watch those sexy moves from Mak… Anyhoo, Mak has been having words with the judges as of late. Seems he had to recant a bit on his comment that “It’s my show” to state on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts that everyone are equal partners in making DWTS’s work.

What the handsome Mak didn’t apologize for were his remarks that seasoned dancer & judge Len Goodman should retire and Carrie Ann Inaba rolling her eyes doesn’t phase him one bit. Methinks that raw-like chemistry between those 2 might conceal something viewers do not know about them in regards to their ofttimes feuding…hmmm. Anyho0, Mak stresses how he’s grateful that he could come to a country 19 years ago (USA) where he is allowed to express his opinions- there’s just something about the freedom of speech… I agree with Mak’s assessments of how the judges can get away with their ill fated comments (Chaz Bono comparion to an Ewok) ( those sexual comparions from Bruno toward the dancers) and the dancers are not allowed to voice their opinions as freely…  

I really haven’t tuned in to this season of DWTS (chasing down the “ts” for ya’ll in other areas) but anytime I hear something juicy about the dancers and judges y’all know I’m spot on. Okay, now, there’s some tidbits of gossip going around that I’m going to leave you with that could become big in future posts:

Wendy Williams admitted to getting the YAWNS from watching LALA’S  and KENDRA’s Reality TV Shows!

Star Jones juicy book, SATAN’S SISTERS’ about talk show hosts will ultimately become a television show

Kelly Rowland got into a brawl with a former X-Factor  judge and flew home to the States without anyone in the show knowing where she was!

NENE Leakes is dating a rich pizza guy?


P.S. “Heart”  your g-mogul to feelin’ better won’t ya? just sayin’ 

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