A Kardashian Halloween “Boo-Hoo”

Aren’t you just sick of it all? I mean, come on already! First the two of ’em get married after dating for only 5 months. Have cameras record their lavish nuptials for the world to see and get paid millions of dollars in the process. Now, Kim is filing for divorce on Halloween- can’t the kiddies have their candy day without getting upstaged by these Kardashians ?  just sayin’…

Even g-moguls get tired of the trending Kardashian saga. Too overexposed and yet, we still find ourselves giving in to the hype that created the hoopla surrounding this clan. Apparently, the media is speculating on clues leading up to Kim filing papers to end her marriage to Kris Humphries after only 2 months. If y’all didn’t get my memo as I sleuthed my own theory, well, it went something like this: Kim doesn’t like dogs sleeping in her bed and Kris does. He loves his dogs.

Also Kim made quite a ruckus about Kris living below her means, as in his home in Minnesota! Kim hated it, but, alas, Kris wanted her to move there and have his babies. He’s quoted as saying that no one will even know Kim when she have babies- can’t you see how that could have frightened the publicity seeking Kim? Let’s keep it real here y’all. Would you want to go back to selling clothes from a basement in New York and not making millions of endorsement deals?

The Kardashian brand is a billion dollar cash cow

Kris Humphries

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

 and there’s no way Kim is going to give that up! And because they have signed a prenuptial ( sis Khole & mama bear Kris made sure of that) Kim probably won’t lose any money.  Kris Humphries doesn’t want to be controlled by Kim and her sisters and mom, Kris Jenner. The Kardashian women seemingly have their men under control & Kris Humphries is fighting to retain his manliness- Lamar tried to warn him to just go with the flow, but, naw, poor Kris couldn’t give up his manhood  for the love of money and fame that being tied to the media whores bring!

Now folks thinks it was all a big publicity stunt just to make money! As Kim heads off to Australia with sister Khloe to promote their line of handbags, Kris Humphries is shooting a magazine cover for his upcoming return to the game of basketball. After 72 days of wedded bliss, bull and bickering, it appears the 17 million dollar media circus is ending. Sadly, Kris Humphries learned Kim was  dumping him from TMZ and reportedly desperate to save his marriage.  How low can you go Kim Kardashian?

Anyhoo, moving on. Did y’all see Basketball Wives, LA? Is jackie trippin’ or what? And all the time the girls were hatin’ on Draya! What goes around comes around, Jackie…hmmm, Kim ya better take notes…



2 thoughts on “A Kardashian Halloween “Boo-Hoo”

  1. I’d like just $100,000 to clear some of the debt we incurred fighting the government. Not that Kim is likely to know or care, as she spends her $17mil on goodness knows what. Now, ours is a story worth watching, much more interesting than heres! 🙂

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