Wendy Williams “Bugs” Out Over Draya Michele’s Faux Pas


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Okay, so I’m thinking how I just better go on and get this observation out. Just get it out there and excise it from being stuck in my craw! Wendy Williams is my gurl, y’all/ya’ll know this. She’s a in your face presence that cannot be denied and although I love her g-mogul style, there are times I gotta speak my mind and have my say. Wendy, gurl, as a lesser known, or, a no known voice in gossip,my words might not phase your strong sensibilities at all, but, here goes and “How You Doin?!”

So, you had Draya Michele, the 26 year old former stripper/dancer, Bballer hookups and Chris Brown amour on your Tuesday show and Wendy, I have to say, you were a regular commando in your questions! Why in the world did ya have to be sooo down like that? We were all young and ignorant of how people will perceive us down the road on living life, but, the woman is coming to terms with what she’s done and seems genuine in finding her true path! Wendy , I’ve seen you be tough on some of the more seasoned folks on your show, but, gurl, this takes the cake!

Draya has a lot of stuff coming at her from those older, jealous & gossipy Basketball Wives LA… She needs a mentor, or, at the very least someone in her corner. You didn’t seem too pleased either when Draya called out that bug hiding in your wig – just sayin’. Gurl, we can only imagine the words your cue card hid from viewers as you tossed that mane about during a commercial break:) Gurl, did ya give Draya a piece of your mind about her obvious bug faux pas?  Curious minds and g- moguls alike just wanna know. Anyhoo, Wendy Williams, you still my gurl. But, please lighten up on the interview commando tactics …at least be more selective?

Speaking of? Did you really mean to mock Kris Humphries and say how he ‘s not a good basketball player? Anyhoo, Wendy thanks for the fodder your show provides. Now, just one more question? Do you really think Ricki Lake is destined to win DWTS?



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