Friday’s Celebrity Gossip

Ashton Kutcher at Time 100 Gala

Image via Wikipedia

Nothing heavy today folks cause it’s Veterans Day! I thought I’d keep it light by poking a little fun at celebrity slip of the lip when it comes to other celebrities.. Priceless huh? What’s even better you ask? Your participation by answering the question “Who said?” Now we all know Ashton Kutcher’s slip that’s all a twitter of late, so he’s not in the running here. The person who answers all correctly, get a personal “holla back”  from yours truly for a month!  Excited? You betcha ! And, not to fear, I’ll leave you with a bit of g-mogul insight as usual-natch.  Anyhoo, here goes…

Who Said?

“A lot of flings. A lot of guys. I don’t wanna be in a committed relationship-I wasn’t good at it.”

‘I’d hit that!”

“Anybody running for president should educate themselves in foreign policy.”

“I got my own job. Let a sistah do her thang. Let me do me.”

“Listen Up! Jessica, get a prenup!”

“She’s got too many leeches around her.”

“Fame has totally changed her.”

Okay y’all. Hit me up with the answers in the comment section and let’s see who’s the baddest g-mogul out there…next to your truly,of course- just sayin

A Chicago@ The  Movies review on Client Eastwood’s “J. EDGAR” and starring Leonardo Dicaprio, thinks the movie is (me yawning)



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