Return of Braxton Family Values

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 I chose Whitney’s picture for a reason, people…read it!

Goodness, what’s really going on!?! Y’all know it’s my gossip day! I mean, I gotta do research to bring folks the 411 for today’s posting, but, sometimes stuff hit the fan in celebrityville of info- this can’t wait! I tuned in to watch the recap of Braxton Family Values and whoop, there it is! Admittedly, the show with the sistahs and mommy was such a hit in its first season that lo and behold, the sisters have become FAMOUS and  baby sis Tamar, according to Toni, is ‘Feeling very powerful” and  the press and exposure from last season has ” Gone to her head!”

Well, the Braxtons really know how to bring it! just sayin’. With the drama of Trina & hubby Gabe not seeing eye to eye in their relationship already, Trina lets sister Towanda and kids along with estranged spouse, Andre’ move in? Lord the mercy, that house is becoming a battlefield. When Dr. Sherry, shrink to Trina and Gabe agrees with Gabe that the free loaders have to go, natch Trina relunctantly breaks the news to her sister and Andre.”  Timeline for moving out? Towanda says 1 month. Andre’ thinks it’s not happening but won’t be telling that to Trina and hubby Gabe. Gabe is skeptical that the move will happen at all! Question? Err, since the show brought such fame and fortune the fist season, why can’t these people afford their own place?

Now, Tamar is secretly recording her single, but, this is celebrity after all, so the sisters and mommy heard about it-confronts Tamar and causes girl to walk out on mommy talking…say what?! Gurl, Tamar, you don’t disrespect yo mommy! Anyho, Evelyn tells a pouty Tamar, if she EVER disrespect her again, she’ll “Slap the piss outta her!” True that people. That’s how yours truly, along with countless black children were kept in line- mama didn’t play and you can bet Tamar will be apologizing, like in the next thrusday segment of The Braxton Family Values, airing on the WE Channel:) 

Now, listen up. Whitney Houston will be making an appearance on Access Hollywood in an interview segment with Shawn Robinson. Can’t wait for that. Also wanted to continue to clear up rumors of Barbra Streisand having colon cancer- not true. According to reports,TMZ got a hold to old pics of the songbird from 2004 when she did have a polyp removed and decided to run with it… we’ll be keeping abreast of it all.

Love and Hip Hop premieres tonight as well on VH1. Check your local listings people… 



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